Immersive theatre-makers and creators of The Alchemical Door, London's only immersive new writing night. Tickets on sale now!

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    We set out to blur the lines of believability and create an alternate reality you can walk into and interact with. Collaboration between performers and designers is core to our process. Through a synthesis of improvisation, devising, and written text, we create spatial narratives and the characters who inhabit them.

  • Rosanna Mallinson

    Rosanna Mallinson

    Rosanna is the artistic director and original founder of ImmerCity. As well as being the company’s main director, producer and occasional writer, she is an award winning animation artist, avid filmmaker, and her favourite animal is the hedgehog.

  • Wyrd

    Five Stars

    “The best immersive theatre I’ve seen in a very long time…You must see this – it’s a terrific example of site-specific immersive theatre, and even the most un-theatrey person you know will love it.”

    - Everything Theatre
  • Wyrd

    Five Stars

    “Immer City are perfectionists. From the moment you arrive at an undisclosed location in Southwark you are completely swept up in the confusion of who is and who isn’t part of the production. Secrecy and mystery are key.”

    - The Upcoming
  • Whistleblower


    “This is a show of great consequence, which illustrates brilliantly how important and thought-provoking art can be.”

    - Broadway Baby
  • Crashed


    “…the performance was fascinating because it had a surprisingly powerful effect on many members of the audience and sparked a tremendously interesting debate about humanity and conformity…it is a very stimulating and unique experience.”

    - One Stop Arts


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