Pre-Workshop Update from Rosanna

The search for our dream team begins! Starting tomorrow we will be hosting workshops for “The Three Rings of Cirque Tsuki” in the basement of Babel Studios. We have had a fantastic response from people from a range of disciplines, with an amazing array of talents. We are seeing old faces and new and are incredibly excited about the coming week. Not even Sherlock this Sunday can outclass it.

I have planned out a sequence of exercises that will reflect our devising method and techniques for easily engaging an audience member in the action. We will play around with audience status and how to foster an attitude towards object and space through silent improvisation. We will also practice group storytelling inspired by improvisation observation. We’ll set up a feedback loop, telling the story of what we see as a means of furthering content and helping the ‘performer’ understand what their audience understands. Tea and biscuits is an essential part of any rehearsal process to rejuvenate everyone before the fun part!

The second half we will be creating some immersive theatre sketches. First participants will break into smaller groups and pick a place out of the hat. They will then have to devise a short performance in which they create that space for the audience. Then they will pick a short story out of the hat and in their groups they will have to both create the space and then tell us a story within it. For this one, the degree of audience interaction or engagement is up to the creators.

It is important to us that if someone wants to audition for our company, that they understand the way we work first. Hopefully the result of this workshop will be a number of people eager to audition for “The Three Rings of Cirque Tsuki” which will be performing in Babel Studios in the late Feb/early March time.

I will post again after the workshops to tell you of their un-doubtable success!