The Dwindling House of Holland – Not just a walk in the park!

So about a month ago Mike Volpe from Opera Holland Park approached us and asked if we wanted to design and organise a ghost walk to go around the Park after their performance of “The Turn of the Screw” this July. Now we are halfway through the run and it is going beautifully!

The park is gorgeously old fashioned and walking through it is like wandering back through time. I based the walk roughly around the idea of a safari or wilderness tour, but with ghosts instead of animals. These animals are dangerous and should not be approached and strict guidelines must be attended to to keep you safe from their primal intentions.

There is also the element of solving a mystery to it, as the audience go on a journey to find out why the park is so haunted. On doing some research into the House and Grounds, the House and Park seemed to be most famous for Lady Elizabeth and Lord Henry Holland. The pair had an amazing story and the park still kept a strong flavour of that era. I built the central mystery around them.

As a child I was very fond of a book called “The Dwindling Party” which was a really haunting kids pop-up book where a family party went around an old house and grounds and was slowly picked off one by one by the misters there without anyone noticing. This was one of the principle inspirations for the title “The Dwindling House of Holland”, which also refers to the slow decline of the family and their place in the old aristocracy that owned it.

The show runs from 3rd-12th July at 10.30pm and a really lovely review by our friends at Follow the Marrow can be found here: http://makingthemarrow.com/2014/07/05/the-dwindling-house-of-holland-and-the-last-time-i-go-to-a-park-after-dark/