Immersive Mysteries

SILHOUETTE IN THE SMOKE is our next Immersive Mystery. For details go to our Current Shows.

ImmerCity are looking for more historical buildings to collaborate with to create new Immersive Mysteries.

These Murder Mystery style events are written especially for a space. They are set in the main historical period and use themes, characters and events connected with the venue and surrounding area. They are an interactive theatrical experience that brings the essence of an era back to life.


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”Clearly, when the people at ImmerCity say ‘immersive’, they really do mean it… It works brilliantly: the experience as a whole feels almost tailor-made to each individual group…a fantastic show, and an enjoyably different night out.”

Everything Theatre

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“Immersive theatre done well is an enthralling and engaging experience. Death of the King is immersive theatre done brilliantly. With an unshakable cast and solid plot to underpin the action, it’s a dance with the dead that will leave you hanging for more!”

London Theatre 1

“An intricate, imaginative, and wholly immersive production that posits the spectator as an integral character, plunging each audience member into the role of a reporter on a murder case. The psychologically thrilling production comes alive the moment you walk in.”

A Younger Theatre

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Death of the King is certainly not for the faint hearted”

West End Wilma


If you would like to know more please email to request an information pack.

Video from Death of the King, the most recent Detective Experience set in the 1980’s