What is an Immersive Mystery?



Q: Will I be forced to interact?

A: Absolutely not. In the first half you will need to watch and listen to solve the mystery. In the second half you interrogate the suspects, but you do this in a group so you can let others take the lead. We want to offer you a world to explore and investigate as much, or as little, as you like.

Q: How accessible are the shows?

A: “The Unholy Marriage of Slice and Sweetly” and “Dead Quiet” can accommodate wheelchair access and people who struggle with stairs, so please email info@immer-city.com before booking and/or talk to box-office on arrival to ensure you are set on the right route. “The Silhouette in the Smoke” is unfortunately on multiple levels.

Q: Are they suitable for children?

A: “Dead Quiet” is suitable for children for over 10 years, or brave 8 years. The others are recommended 14+ as there is bad language and references to sexual behaviour.

Q: Do I need to book a whole group of six or eight people?

A: No, you can come in any sized group and we will put you into a group of between six to eight.

Q: How good does my English need to be to understand the show?

A: If you can watch and enjoy TV in English without subtitles then you will be ok, but if not you might want to bring a translator to help you keep up!

the structure

ImmerCity are always looking for new historic venues to team up. If you would like to know more about what kind of places we partner up with then please email info@immer-city.com

Our Immersive Mysteries are written in response to the unique, historic location we perform in. Each story is completely original but follows the same structure. This structure allows the audience to enter and interact with a rich world full of intriguing characters. They are always a little spooky, dark and very atmospheric.


You are told about a (fictional) murder the happened in the buildings past. One of the Corvid's (Jackdaw or Magpie) promise to solve this mystery by summoning the ghosts of the building.

ACT ONE: Following

The audience are put into groups of six. Each person follows one ghost from the past in an interweaving story across the whole building.

INTERVAL: Conferring

The audience re-gather in their groups to tell each other what happened to the person they were following and start to piece together what happened.

ACT TWO: Interviewing

The ghosts are "trapped" at a point in time and can be brought to life for five minutes to be asked questions.

FINALE: Confession

Magpie or Jackdaw summon the ghosts souls from their resting place to force a confession out of them.


Gift someone a unique experience this year!

Forget another pair of sock, send someone on a mad and unexpected adventure this year!

Give them a gift voucher which they can use for any of our Immersive Mysteries coming up, including:

"The Unholy Marriage of Slice and Sweetly" - East London: 18th July - 6th September 2019

"The Silhouette in the Smoke" - West London: 9th September - 19th September 2019

"Dead Quiet" - Central London: 27th September - 14th February 2020

Tickets are around £25 so give them £25 to go alone or £50 to bring a friend!

Reviews for our Immersive Mysteries

"Think of an interactive murder mystery in which you, the audience, must solve the crime, and you’ll probably imagine a seedy hotel ballroom in the off-season downtime. But The Silhouette in the Smoke is a genre-busting show that breathes new life into a tired genre....This is a show that achieves all it sets out to do, with wit and style. The magnificent surroundings of the pumping station provide the perfect backdrop, and the actors’ characterisation never wavers under pressure. A hugely enjoyable evening, which cannot be recommended too highly. (And the high tea was a real bonus.)"

Everything Theatre



"The Unholy Marriage… is a superb collision of the atmosphere of the venue, the history of the area and a well-plotted and engaging drama that throws you into the heart of the action. It offers three very different acts – all of which were tightly plotted, gripping and excellently directed. The story was complex and demanding and the timing of the different scenes – ensuring that everyone was where they were supposed to be at the same time as making sure the audience got the experience required was extraordinary "


Soaked in Dreams 


"“ Cleverly blending local historical fact with fiction... the innovative theatrical/interactive murder mystery format is engaging... there were enough red herrings, rabbit holes and wild theories thrown into the mix by ImmerCity to keep us on our toes, and with this fun, multi-genre approach to immersive theatre, it’s a hugely entertaining way to spend the evening."




"An enjoyable, immersive murder mystery, elevated by a superb cast, that delights in its unusual setting"


The Stage


"...the looming threat of the powerful machines all lend a deliciously gloomy air of menace and otherworldliness to the proceedings...It’s all about the fun of the chase, the atmosphere and the escape from the cold, dark reality of January. Theatre doesn’t get much more interactive or much better than this."