Immersive Mysteries

what is an immersive mystery?

the structure

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Our Immersive Mysteries are written in response to the unique, historic location we perform in. Each story is completely original but follows the same structure. This structure allows the audience to enter and interact with a rich world full of intriguing characters. They are always a little spooky, dark and very atmospheric.


You are told about a (fictional) murder the happened in the buildings past. One of the Corvid's (Jackdaw or Magpie) promise to solve this mystery by summoning the ghosts of the building.

ACT ONE: Following

The audience are put into groups of six. Each person follows one ghost from the past in an interweaving story across the whole building.

INTERVAL: Conferring

The audience re-gather in their groups to tell each other what happened to the person they were following and start to piece together what happened.

ACT TWO: Interviewing

The ghosts are "trapped" at a point in time and can be brought to life for five minutes to be asked questions.

FINALE: Confession

Magpie or Jackdaw summon the ghosts souls from their resting place to force a confession out of them.