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The Silhouette in the Smoke

The London Museum of Water and Steam

It was 1871, and every level of the pumping station was bustling with activity in preparation for the grand opening of the 100” Cornish Engine, when two unexpected guests from the workhouse arrived demanding to see the small boy who had been apprenticed to the Chief Engineer.

Now, more than a century later, a child’s crying has been heard from beneath the Cornish Engine and it is starting to unnerve the tourists. The Museum has invited the master of the supernatural, Jack Daw, to awaken the past and uncover the truth.

An immersive Victorian drama about desire, deceit, betrayal, gleaming metal and hidden fire.

You must solve the mystery in groups of six so bring friends or make new ones.

Victorian High Tea is included in the ticket.

Praise for ImmerCity’s previous Immersive Mysteries:

“it works brilliantly: the experience feels almost tailor-made to each individual group… a fantastic show, and an enjoyably different night out.”
Everything Theatre

“It’s a dance with the dead that will leave you hanging for more”
London Theatre 1