This is immersive theatre redefined. We make immersive theatre that is inspired by the history of the location and the architecture of the space. The role of the audience is really important to us.

Audience Concerns 
Our shows are not designed to be invasive and we do not set out to make our audience members feel isolated or uncomfortable. We are interested in exploring the nature of observation, physical presence and spatial narratives, not in testing the boundaries of your personal space. However, each show is different and if you do have any concerns feel free to contact us through facebook, twitter or email info@immer-city.com

Our popular shows at the moment are the Immersive Mysteries. We also run a new writing event in London called The Alchemical Door which explores new ways of making immersive theatre engaging for audiences.

The company is run by the Artistic Director, Rosanna Mallinson and was set up in 2012 with it’s first show Follow the Rabbit.