ImmerCity was officially founded after its first show “Follow the Rabbit” in February 2013. Since then they have created a wide range of immersive works, often teaming up with other companies like Opera Holland Park, The Gaiety Theatre Dublin, RBKC’s INtransit Festival, the Arts Council and Colab. They did the Edinburgh Fringe every year from 2012 “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” until 2016, when they sold out their audio-immersive show “Blood Will Have Blood”. ImmerCity are based in a unique basement space in Southwark, where they run the Alchemical Door, London’s only immersive new writing night.

The company does site-specific and interactive theatre, though the creative team also work broadly in theatre, film and literature. Its imaginative environments define the company style, carrying its narratives beyond the performance, with engaging interactive transmedia narratives, such as UFO footage, characters’ wedding albums or fake websites. We love realistic details in extraordinary situations. We have a very fluid team depending on the size and type of show, so we are always looking to hear from more people. The two core members are Rosanna Mallinson and Clancy Flynn.

About to interview on RTE.  From the left: Caroline Matthias (Red Riding Hood, Dancer and Choreographer) Rosanna Mallinson (Director and Producer) Emily Hodgson (Madam Mist, Actor) and Clancy Flynn (Technician, Designer and Violinist)

Audience Concerns 
Our shows are not designed to be invasive and we do not set out to make our audience members feel isolated or uncomfortable. We are interested in exploring the nature of observation, physical presence and spatial narratives, not in testing the boundaries of your personal space. People who are willing to trust us will get the most out of our shows, as we normally encourage the audience to fulfil a basic role within the show, acting, for example, as members of a tour group or a jury or as supportive friends. However, each show is different and if you do have any concerns feel free to contact us through facebook, twitter or email info@immer-city.com