Death of the King

Rusty’s disappearance was never investigated. The ravings of his previous housemate, Alex, about a body in Borough fell on deaf ears. They were dismissed as the incessant ramblings of a ‘madman’ and confined to the asylum where he lived.

Rusty became a vague memory, a forgotten secret, until now… 33 years have been and gone since that night. A body has been uncovered. Jack an aging rock star and actor who was at that party, has come under suspicion. In a bid to protect his public image and clear his name he has hired the expertise of a rather unusual individual, one who specialises in “resurrecting” forgotten things.

Jack invites you to become part of the story bringing you back to that fateful night; the last time Rusty was seen alive. Unlock secrets, expose lies, and try to seek the truth about what really happened. This is a murder mystery like no other, and not for the faint of heart.

Colab Factory, 74 Long Lane, Southwark 18th May – 4th June 2017


“It works brilliantly… the experience as a whole feels almost tailor-made to each individual group. Death of the King is a fantastic show, and an enjoyably different night out”
Everything Theatre


“Immersive theatre done well is an enthralling and engaging experience. Death of the King is immersive theatre done brilliantly. With an unshakable cast and solid plot to underpin the action, it’s a dance with the dead that will leave you hanging for more!”

5/5 Audience Reviews on DesignMyNight were black-stars