Follow the Rabbit

An immersive wonderland inspired by the work of Lewis Carrol. The audience is invited to an unusal form of sleep therapy, and falls into the role of Alice as they wander through their own dream. Every adventure is personal, as you try to make your way accross the chess board, but who is the girl who can’t remember her name, why is everyone mad and will you make it past the trial of the red queen?

Follow the Rabbit was written especially for Babel Studios. Inspired by the way the building twists, the rooms are mirrors of each other and the bizarre staircases suggested a rabbit warren. It is a place where people get lost and forget their own names; the show grows out of the walls and is a dream of a building that has become something else. The spaces are then not redefined by the show but by the imagination of the audience. It is about how we perceive spaces emotionally; who we encounter and what we do and feel.

The books by Lewis Carroll suggested themselves as an immersive piece because they were originally conceived in a one-on-one setting. Lewis Carroll was the pseudonym for the Reverend Charles Dodson, who wrote the story for a real girl called Alice Liddle about the adventures that befell a bored little girl called ‘Alice’: Alice is the central character in a story about her. In Follow the Rabbit you are the central character in a story constructed around you that is both real and imaginary. The rules are unknown and you have to quickly relearn everything, relying on your curiosity to drive you through the story. Like Alice, you are asked and encouraged to contribute.

We brought together a team of performers and designers to create each room and its characters, bringing in their ideas and expanding the world in curious directions. There are ideas from the original books and ideas that have collected around the books: the original illustrations, the mathematical interpretations, the Freudian assumptions and so on. It is a puzzle and an adventure and, like all good stories, it is about you.

Follow the Rabbit was performed at Babel Studios, London, December 2012.

Reviews of Follow the Rabbit

“Rather surreal, kind of psychedelic and a teensy bit spooky, I highly recommend checking this show out.”

“You’ll need all your wits about you”

Quotes from audience members during their Cheshire Cat therapy session halfway through the show:

“You’re a completely different person but I can accept that.”

“I’m called Alice? That’s news to me but i’ll accept it.”

“I’ve had a lot of fun in my dream, that’s for sure.”

“I don’t know if it’s a dream, I think not because I have an oyster.”

“I’m trying to understand, but everyone seems to have a riddle or other.”

“I’m not confused it’s just the room looks different from last time.”

“I’m not dreaming about anything at all.”


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Production Team

Drunk Tank & Theatre Giant…..Producer

Imogen Watson…..Assistant Producer

Rosanna Mallinson…..Director

Jack Rule…..Project Manager

Yana Demchenko…..Lighting Designer

Keri Danielle Chesser…..Sound Designer

Ysanne Spevack…..Composer

Ivan Marlinze…..Sound Operator

Puja Arora…..Costume Designer (Knave, Layers)

Maryna Gradnova…..Costume Designer (Red Queen, Red King, Bailiff)

Sophie Barnes…..Costume Designer (Dinah, White Rabbit)

Gabriella Kovago…..Costume Designer (Alice)

Kemey Lafond…..Set Designer (The White Queen Room)

Claire Durant…..Set Designer (Therapy Rooms)

Jacob Corn…..Set and Costume Designer (Mad Hatter’s Tea Party)

Hattie Clark…..Set Designer (Tweedledum and Tweedledee Room)

Leon Gordon…..Film Maker (Caterpillar Room)

Lucy Alexander…..Set and Costume Designer (Caterpillar Room)


Lori Macfadeyn…..Jury

Camilla Watson…..Dinah

Zari Lewis…..Therapist 1

Abi Blears…..Red Queen 1

Diane Karas…..Flower

Darrel Bailey…..Bouncer

Amelia Bennet…..White Queen

Josie Bloom…..Tweedledum

Kathryn Hegarty…..Tweedledee

Ammee Smith…..Therapist 2

Caroline Mathias…..White Rabbit

Jessie Percival…..Yarit Dor

Nihaaaika Negi…..Caterpillar

David Allen…..Mad Hatter

Jethro Dykes…..March Hare

Allegra Marland…..Dormouse

Jennifer Haynes…..Alice

Sonja Doubleda…..Red Queen 2

Nicholas Lautman…..Knave

Hugh John…..Bailiff