A man’s life is in your hands. What he’s done has broken laws and violated trust, but perhaps he he has done the right thing. By the end of the play you must determine his fate – innocent, or guilty.

To the prosecutor he is an unrepentant traitor, to the activist a selfless hero. Who do you believe?

Whistleblower is an immersive political piece that asks you to sit in judgement of a public informant on trial for aiding the enemy. This show asks what you can stand, and what you must stand against. In Whistleblower nothing is clear cut, there is no good and bad. Even when you’re acting on your best intentions, there is no way to be a hero.

Whistleblower was performed at C-Nova, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2013  and at Babel Studios.

Reviews for Whistleblower

black stars four
 “This is a show of great consequence, which illustrates brilliantly how important and thought-provoking art can be.”

Broadway Baby

black stars four
“…something really special.”
Three Weeks

“Do you believe it’s more important to have freedom of information than to maintain a country’s security at any cost? This is the question that forms the basis of Whistleblower and in light of the cases of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden it’s a pertinent one that we should all consider.”
The Stage