The Alchemical Door 2016

London’s Immersive New Writing Series

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The Best of the Alchemical Door

17 & 18 December 2016

Babel Studios

An Alchemical Door is a magical door which opens to a new place every time you go through it. This unique immersive event has been running one year and to celebrate we are developing three of the writers’ pieces into 20-minute versions.

One of the three will be performed as an hour long immersive event in the Spring. Come along and cast your vote on your favourite. Mulled wine and minced pies between pieces…

SAVE GAME by Rachel Tookey

LARK ASCENDING by Narayani Menon


Get tickets now!

Get tickets now!


Alchemical Door Programme

 The Alchemical Door #1

Six short immersive plays by new writers

Alchemical Door #1 – 5 & 6 December 2015 – 2:45 & 7:30

An alchemical door is a mythical door, which leads to a different place every time you open it. This December the door to the Babel Studios Basement will lead to six different, unique worlds. A museum, a bunker, a prison, a taxi cab, the underworld and a magician’s laboratory. Guaranteed to be a mad and intense hour of immersive experimentation.
Only 12 audience members allowed per show, complete darkness and a lot of audience interaction is involved.
Taxi by Felix Trench
The Alchemist’s Door by Joshua Harbord
Witness by Rosanna Mallinson & Tristan Rogers
Survivors by Lizzie Milton
Museum by Rachel Tookey
In The End by Clancy Flynn


The Alchemical Door #2

Alchemical Door #2 – February 2016

Alchemical Door Prg. FRONT

Ben Scheck
Charlotte Fox
Emily Hodgson
Calum Barbour (Voice)

Crossword Killer by Kim Whatmore
If My Heart Were a Camera 
I’d Shoot True Love by Dan Horrigan
Crystals by Joyce Lee
Space Worms! by Ka Bradley
Blood Will Have Blood by Clancy Flynn

Sound designer for Blood Will HaveBlood and Space Worms! by Nicola Chang
Sound designer for If My Heart and Crystals by London Sound Works
Entrance Music by Ailie Robertson
Produced and Directed by Rosanna Mallinson
Assistant Produced by Maggie Schroeder
Sound Operated by Richard Brice

The Alchemical Door #3

Alchemical Door #3 – June 2016

Alchemical Door Banner

Ben Scheck
Emily Hodgson

Line Up by Shelby Bond
Burnt Out Affair by Sam Hayward
Glitch by David Knight
Lark Ascending by Narayani Menon
Misplaced by Amy Taylor
Voice by Ben Lord
Hello Operator by Ka Bradley
Blood Will Have Blood by Clancy Flynn

The Alchemical Door #4

Alchemical Door #4 – October 2016


A series of six short immersive ideas that explore what this genre can be without relying on set design and focusing instead on audience interaction, sound, and space. An exciting and unusual event for 12 audience members only.

Ben Scheck
Emily Hodgson


Ritual by David Knight
The Quiet Coach by Mila Guichard
Ermine Stoat by Leon Craig
Marie Antoinette by Kesia Guillery
Life Lessons by Josh Harbord
Retribution by Mickey Carroll


Alchemical Door 3