The Three Rings of Cirque Tsuki


The Three Rings of Cirque Tsuki

Performed as Part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

Welcome to The Cirque Tsuki! Come in, we have travelled from the furthest reaches of the world and back again to bring you three stories: through the dark woods, the heat of the desert and into the underworld. It is a place of magic, where the shadows tell you tales and every performer has a past. Come in, we have stories to span a lifetime.

ring001Ring 1: Birthday

Birthday comes from the woods of darkest Europe, inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. The Cirque Tsuki is celebrating the birthday of Madame Mist, the mischievous storyteller’s assistant. As the clock strikes midnight, she opens her present and the shadows come pouring out, bringing Madame Mist and the audience on a journey of discovery. Birthday is suitable for children of all ages and is the most hopeful of the three rings.



Ring 2: Feast

Feast comes from the deserts of mythical Arabia, inspired by 1001 Arabian Night’s. The Cirque Tsuki is relaxing in the heat of summer, feasting, dancing and mixing love potions. Among this heady mix, Scheherazade is entrapped by the master magician and must keep telling stories to save her life: bizarre tales of djinns, princes, deserts and magic. Feast is not suitable for younger children as it has the most romantic content of the three rings.


Ring 3: Parade

Night Parade comes from the furthest reaches of Japan, inspired by Izanagi and Izanami. The Cirque Tsuki is playing the A Gathering of One Hundred Supernatural Tales, where 100 candles are lit and 100 ghost stories are told. The story goes that when the last candle is extinguished all the ghosts summoned will appear. The final tale is of Izanagi and his strange journey into the underworld in search of his lost love. Parade is not suitable for younger children as it has the most psychologically unsettling content of the three rings.


Reviews for The Three Rings of Cirque Tsuki

black stars four
“ingeniously conjured… holds even the smallest children spellbound” (Birthday)”

The Stage

black stars four
“subtle, ingenious, quietly satisfying and insidiously memorable” (Feast)

Scots Gay

black stars four
“intriguing ghosts story… where modern audience interaction and traditional storytelling meet” (Parade)

The Stage

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