Suicide at Vine House

In 1967 a man jumped from the window at Vine House. His death was never investigated and no one in living memory knows what happened.

But tonight, exactly 50 years since the event, a group of people are invited to an unusual party in the abandoned ruins of Vine House. Their host has a very unusual gift and he doesn’t like to leave secrets uncovered…

Audience members will be divided into groups of five or six so bring your own crew or get to know some strangers on the night!

In association with The Lost Brewery. One complimentary drink with each ticket.

Doors will open at 7pm.

25-26 February & 03-04 March 2017 at the Vine House, London, UK

***** NEW DATES ADDED *****

21-26 March 2017

21 Audience 5 star reviews on Yplan

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“Absolutely brilliant! Kept us on our toes right through until the end and the acting was seamless”

“Amazing venue with great group of actors – definitely go to this, we had so much fun..!”