The Story Forest

The Story Forest is returning to festivals in 2019 with As Natural as Photosynthesis and two  new audio-immersive experiences, inspired by the famous quote by environmental philosopher John Muir “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”

“a few of us were moved to tears… gives you some fresh perspective on what it is to be human”
Audience Feedback for As Natural as Photosynthesis

What is it?

  • The Story Forest is an audio-immersive journey that lasts fifteen minutes.
  • There are no live actors. You are in control of your own experience so just listen and respond.
  • You can go on the journey in pairs or in a group of up to ten people.
  • It is an interactive journey that asks you to engage with the world and the people around you, so make sure you pair up with someone you are comfortable touching hands with.
  • The journey is about your experience and you can take your headphones off at anytime.

We developed the Story Forest for Brainchild Festival in 2018 in association with the writers from Thousand: An Anthology of Very Short Fiction

Brainchild Festival 2018:

As Natural As Photosynthesis by Naomi Ishiguro was a trance like experience for groups of two and up, about a tree spirit who became human for the very first time.

Mother and Child by Susanna Crossman was a two person experience, where a mother and her daughter played hide and seek in the forest.

Campsite by Sam Boullier was a single person experience about travelling into the campsite to find a mysterious tent called ‘The Top Floor”

The Shepherds Lover by Olivia Ouwehand was about two young people, from very different back-grounds and with polar opposite attitudes towards the woods, meeting in a clearing and dancing together.

Plans for the new Gazebo for 2019

If you are a festival and would be interested in booking us then please email for more information.