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Join Joe, Fiona and Ethan to uncover the truth behind Joe's grandfather's grisly murder.

An immersive thriller set in an old room that has been shut up for thirty years. Newly weds, Joseph and Fiona Warding, have called three sisters to host a séance, to find out the truth behind his grandfather’s brutal murder. The show explores the boundaries between reality, fiction and the paranormal. Using psychological sound, theatrical effects and a combination of interactive and staged performance, Wyrd is a show about vengeance and obsession.

Deep in an old wine cellar...three witches hold a séance for a newly married couple, Joseph and Fiona Warding. Joseph has been plagued by his twisted past and the brutal murder of his grandfather. The audience are invited to be an integral part of summoning the dead, but to what end?

“Wyrd” is an old English word meaning an event of postern or fate. The wheels of fortune are already turning as the audience follow Joseph, Fiona and their best friend Ethan on facebook and twitter. Watch Joseph’s adorable proposal on the London Eye and take a peak at their unfortunately timed stag and hen nights, where Joseph met the enigmatic Isabelle Gowdie and her two strange sisters...

Wyrd runs from 4-19 May (previews 2 & 3 May). Tickets MUST be bought in advance. There are no walk-ins and there is a very limited audience capactiy. For a complete list of times and Southwark meeting places click here. Click here for more information or catch up with the story so far. Any questions or concerns, please contact tickets@immer-city.com.

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