The House of Irene Adler

Tickets for private experiences from £29 (2 people) to £23.33 (group 6 discount)

A unique new escape room mystery with Sherlock Holmes’ infamous adversary.

Irene Adler is reported dead after falling from a hot air balloon, but Sherlock is suspicious and is sending you to her home to investigate. Will you venture into the spiders lair? Will you make it out again unscathed? Will you find her before it’s too late?

An new, interactive, immersive mystery from the company that brought you “Silhouette in the Smoke” and “The Unholy Marriage of Slice and Sweetly”. A beautiful boutique escape room with a fantastical mixture of handmade and vintage items, transporting you into the Edwardian era.

Send secret messages to different characters, discover hidden rooms and solve the puzzles to uncover the dark past of Irene Adler.

Situated in a pop-up venue in London’s Kentish Town, this is the perfect experience to share with family or friends!

Tickets from £29.00 to £23.33 with group discount of 6.

Covid-19 Safety

In the event that you are unable to attend due to Covid-19 we can (subject to availability) reschedule tickets if you email

  • The show is run by one person who will be distanced from you at all times.
  • The room is wiped down between sessions
  • We ask everyone who comes to provide proof of vaccination or a lateral flow from that morning
  • Rooms are private so you will only be with your group

Suitable for 10+ and anyone under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Any questions about accessibility please email